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Curtis Waters captures teenage break-up in "Prom Night" single

It's been a minute since we've heard from the North Carolina by way of Calgary, AB, artist-producer known as Curtis Waters. However, it seems as though he has been cooking up a new project titled Prom Night. He is ready to give us the first taste of the EP in the form of the title single "Prom Night".

"Prom Night" is produced by Curtis and features him crooning about a love gone wrong. While the title would have you thinking the track was about good times and vibes, it's a tale of a relationship at a point where it's best to call it quits. The production is a solemn cut that features moody synths that perfectly capture the feeling of teenage heartbreak. In talking with Curtis about his new single, he shared:

"It's a teenage break up song. It's me hanging onto the last straw on a relationship that's been failing for months, and I'm just debating wether or not I should call it off. It's me reminiscing about the times we've had and feeling conflicted."

Look for Curtis's Prom Night EP later this year; but until then, get in your feelings with "Prom Night".

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