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Ms Banks's "Come Thru" is pure bravado on wax [Video]

Ms Banks has been putting in work for a minute now so for those who ain't familiar with her, this new video is a solid introduction. The South London raised emcee brings her fierce, unapologetic style to the screen on her new video "Come Through". Over a mid tempo bouncy soundscape, she taunts her male admirers with  "...Visualize, make a nigga fantasize/ Water park, yeah he wanna slip and slide/ Cool off baby you can take a dive...",  switches her demeanor on naysayers with "...hypnosis, he say I'm the coldest/ Get love from the youngers, get respect from the olders/ Black girl magic, I got that hocus pocus/Oh I'm so focused, let me dust off my shoulders..." and still spend some time flossing on the same track.  As she puts it in her own words “This is the turn up before the turn up

The visuals are straight up 90s stuff starting with her in her room, to the back of the car scene and ends up in the vip section of the club. Nothing but pure energy throughout though. "Come Through" is from her forthcoming release titled 'The Coldest Winter'.  Get the audio HERE

Connect with Ms Banks  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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