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Moorea Masa & The Mood show off the best parts of love in "I Can't Tell"

Coming straight to your headphones from the wooded hills of the Pacific NorthWest is Moorea Masa & The Mood and their latest love song, “I Can’t Tell.” Born and raised in Portland, Masa does more than deliver your typical love song in “I Can’t Tell.” While she does indeed craft a warm and fuzzy track that would pair perfectly with a glass of wine, it is her dynamic delivery that makes it roar with passion.

Throughout the song, and it’s accompanying video, Masa delivers each line with careful thought. She takes her time, starting and (most importantly) stopping at just the right moments, adding an extra layer to each lyric. This aspect of the song gives it a lived-in quality, making it resonate with listeners more than the words could alone. 

Her video, which features two lovers (portrayed by Akela Jaffi and Daniel Giròn) dancing through their house, is as sweet and energetic as the tune that backs it. The choreography is fluid and heartfelt, giving even more depth to the song.

While all the above is fantastic, there’s one more point that needs mentioning regarding this video. That is, how Ms. Masa and company thanked EVERYONE involved in the production. That, my dear friends, is awesome. It is rare these days to see an artist (regardless of size) shout out everyone involved. As a writer and friend of many unsung heroes who work behind the scenes in all of your favorite videos, I respect it. Classy move.

Press play on “I Can’t Tell” above and be sure to add it to your favorite playlist when it hits digital platforms February 9th.

Connect with Moorea Masa & The Mood: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


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