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Odie makes life's "Little Lies" sound incredible on his latest track


Born in the icy depths of Toronto and raised in the Bay Area comes your newest musical obsession, Odie. On his latest song, “Little Lies,” Odie questions if life is a lie or if there is a God out there. But don’t fret, there’s not talk of simulation theories here. Or is there?! *dun dun dun*

Back to reality though, Odie starts the track off with a melodic little guitar lick that builds for about twenty seconds before he hops on the track. Once that bass kicks it, woo boy, things get awesome. Odie has that type of voice that seems to fill a room, or in this case, your head, as soon as he begins to sing.

Just as you approach the halfway point and begin to think that living a lie isn’t so bad when it sounds this good, the track stops dead. With a click, you hear nothing but a tape rewinding and then boom! You’re shot back into another dimension where reverb fills the world and Odie is a baritone. In this reality, things are slower but still sound damn good.

Press play on “Little Lies” above and be sure to take some time out of your day to contemplate life’s many intricacies and fallacies. Oh, and once you're done doing that, make sure you grab a copy of Odie's debut project Analogue when it debuts this Spring.

Connect with Odie: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

R&B · Soul


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