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"That bass is just everything": mega mixing and a street-side chat with Sebastian Bronk [Interview]

Bass music, in all of its iterations, has been a cash cow in the states since Skrillex and brostep burst onto the scene in the early 2010s. However, in the near-decade thats elapsed since, the low end-loving vibe didn't catch hold everywhere. In The Netherlands, almighty house is still king, and I've never been more aware of that reality than when I attended Amsterdam Dance Event this fall. I scoured the program for bass events, and was lucky enough to stumble into the KLASH Records Showcase at the famed Cafe Weber, steps from the epicenter of ADE. 

Proudly representing the small but mighty faction of Dutch bass is Sebastian Bronk. I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a few drinks and some laughs with the skilled DJ and producer after he played a blistering 10 minute set featuring nine distinct tracts for the energetic midday crowd at Weber. "My set I just played, I played a 10 minute set from the live stream, so that's very, very quick mixing. And I played nine tracks in 10 minutes, and six were early release, never heard tracks before. Never played tracks before, also, especially for today. So everything went smooth. I'm very happy." I was quick to point out that this all occurred before 5PM, essentially the crack of dawn in DJ terms. A true feat in a city flush with the world's premiere dance talent teeming from every street corner.

And that's exactly where I shared a drink with Sebastian, and told him of my journey to find bass music in Amsterdam. What was the climate like for a skilled producer of this niche genre? "The future of Dutch bass music, the future of music in Holland is varied depending on what's happening in the scene right now. Because there are lots a lot of Dutch rappers, and they own the scene right now. Every club books those guys, and there's not a place for everybody. So, that's the hard thing. It's hard to see where it's going. But if you saw last night's party, it was insane. The line was so big. And it was so much fun. And everyone went crazy. So there's definitely a market for it."

Sebastian also hopes some of the big ticket Dutch festivals catch wind of the scene. "I hope to see some more stages on festivals, so people can find out about the music and fall in love with it. Because I think that's the thing we need in Holland right now. So, I have good hopes, but there's a long way coming." For this overtired, overworked, underfed journalist, bass music blaring from a cozy pub was the exact RX I needed, as well. "That bass is just everything," said Sebastian. "And it needs to suck you into the dance floor."

Sebastian's new single "Burst That" has arrived, and it couldn't be a better embodiment of bold Dutch bass, with a side of high energy hip-hop lyricism courtesy of Post Collide. Coming into the airwaves by way of KLASH Records and Armada, "Burst That" is the brash party starter your pregame playlist needs. American bass lords, watch your back. 

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