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The Aces can see through your "Fake Nice" in latest single

The Utah-based, four-piece rock band The Aces have had a pretty crazy year. Following the success from their hit single "Stuck", being signed onto Red Bull records and spending the majority of last year traveling the globe promoting their debut album I Don't Like Being Honest, this group has kind of dove head first into the music industry life. And that, of course, doesn't come without sitting through conversations and meetings that are faker than the plastic fruit that sits in the bowl of parents kitchen. But these rock stars were able to use their songwriting as an outlet to take a step back and analyze those fake interactions in this latest single "Fake Nice" 

The track opens up with McKenna dropping a groovy bassline that's actually reminiscent of the opening to Jewel's 1995 single "Who Will Save Your Soul", which I don't mind admitting is my go-to karaoke song. Alissa joins in with light drum kicks as Cristal delivers a very informal vocal, as if telling a story to a close friend. Lead singer Cristal has been developing a very staple sound with her vocals but in this track, we see her really hold out this higher pitch falsetto in certain sections until really opens up her voice and we hear that staple raw, kind of broken emotion-filled vocal in the chorus. What jumps out the most to me is the bands maturing comfortability with exploring new sounds. There's this really unique electric guitar chord in the background that comes in during the chorus, that kind of sounds similar to an early Two Door Cinema Club guitar, which for me is always a positive thing! If this track is an early indication of what's the come with the rest of the album, then we can't wait.

Lead singer Cristal Ramirez shared this with V Magazine about the single: "We had a really, really fun time writing that one. It’s actually the only song on the record that is produced by a female, her name is Wendy Wang. She’s so awesome. Alisa and I went in the room with her, first writing the song, and we were just vibing. And she is so guitar-driven, and she’s played in a bunch of bands. I feel like we got on a really good level together and were really understanding each other sonically. And she just started playing that guitar line, and Alisa and I were like, “Ah, that’s awesome.” Then we started getting into it, talking about what we were going through at the time, which, you know, I think when you’re in your early 20s, you meet so many people. Especially with us traveling, we just have met so many people, and you’re constantly socializing and sometimes you interact with someone who’s just a little bit fake nice."

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