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Future Synths plays the "Observer" role alongside Morphius

Retro chill wave production team Future Synths take us back into time with their new song titled "Observer". The song is a complete homage to 80s synth pop music with electronic drums, ethereal pads layered with haunting vocals to match. Starting off with a simple drum pattern, the production builds bit by bit with the smooth introduction of various elements from gloomy synths, sombre arps and cinematic pad strings to complete the vintage vibe. The vocals provided by Morphius also plays into the theme of the song with offbeat lyrics such as "...Tigers are tamed, don't break their chains.... it's such a miracle..."

"Observer" is a single off Future Synths's 80s tribute LP entitled 'Now'.

Connect with  Future Synths : Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Bandcamp

80's · Chillwave


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