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Karl Wolf gets caught up in an "Illusion" (Remix)

Singer/songwriter/producer Karl Wolf gets a reality check on his latest pop tune, a remix of his track "Illusion." The smooth, upbeat soundscape serves as backing for a cautionary tale that aims to warn all about falling for thirst traps in the digital age. The truth of the matter is social media has allowed a majority of us to contemplate divergent realities. Instagram has ushered in a whole new wave of social collective narcissism from both sexes, which has certainly seeped into the way we view each other. But in reality, things are completely different. "Illusion" demonstrates this from the relationship angle: a moment that takes us by surprise, an unexpected affair that turns deadly in time, a femme fatale on a mission. The song was written and composed by Karl Wolf, Brandon Unis, and Mastertrak, with co-production help from Jazzfeezy (producer on Drake's More Life). "Illusion" (Remix) for the most part remains true to the original version - the major difference is the extra oomph on the backing drums provided by Ramsay Almighty.

The artist further explains -"It's all about the imbalanced relationship she craves, and as long as you want her more, you're done for! It's all a power shift, it's all a game, she's a mogul, she's a man-eater, it's her socials, it's her shape! She's the wolf and you're the sheep. There's just no solution, I thought it was magic but it was only an illusion." 

Montreal-raised Karl Wolf has released four solo records: Face Behind the Face (2006), Bite the Bullet (2007), Nightlife (2009), and Finally Free (2012). He has toured extensively with high profile artists such as Akon, Flo Rida, and T-Pain, and written with the likes of Snoop Dog, Taio Cruz, and Jay Sean.

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