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Empire K. serves up dreamy intimate vibes on latest single "J"

Up and coming producer/singer-songwriter Empire K showcases his unique brand of offbeat electro-pop on his single "J".

Employing the use of a hushed, soft-spoken vocal performance over a gloomy experimental backdrop, Empire K 's approach is indeed not what you may expect but it gets the job done. The reflective lyrics are highly enhanced by ethereal synths and downtempo vibes. This track truly showcases the unbeaten path Empire K has chosen to walk.

The NY born, LA-based act just put our his new project titled k - an EP that fuses different genres of music. On it, he paints an introspective exploration of personal ideas and experiences, in an attempt to find his own footing in the world.  Inspired by a lot of early 20th literature from Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Nathaniel West, the EP tells the story of the formation of a young nihilistic romantic, who finds meaning in life and then deteriorates it by making faulty decisions. The single "J" serves as a snapshot of the project

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