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Maya Law recruits Gabriel Gifford, and Deacon for existential "Full Circle"

If you're looking for an incredible late night city-soul-scape then look no further. "Full Circle" from 19 y/o Maya Law should absolutely be on your radar. "Full Circle" sees Maya once again collaborating with upcoming producer Gabriel Gifford a.k.a Allergy Kid. However, unlike the majority of the excellent Her Or Him, "Full Circle" also features distinctive spoken word by UK rapper Deacon. The track is introspective, aware, and wholesome. It's the kind of song, which would perfectly soundtrack exhaled breath against the biting cold air. 

Maya is known for her thought-provoking and authentic vocals full with personality. "Full Circle", is the first of three tracks that Maya is due to self-release over the next few months. The trio will make you feel alive out in these dark wintry evenings. Enjoy "Full Circle" above.

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Hip-Hop · Indie


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