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EZI finds sincerity in pop music through her debut Afraid of the Dark EP [Exclusive Premiere]

EZI, pronounced "eh-zee," is an up-and-comer in the pop realm and the premiere artist signed to Steve Madden's label 5Towns Records. She began working as an actress at a young age, but found that songwriting was a way to be creative through portraying herself, not someone else. Premiering today is her debut EP, Afraid of the Dark, which you can listen to here first!

 As a very young artist, EZI has managed to create dance pop that isn't just a catchy melody with empty lyrics. Striking a meaningful chord in listeners without sacrificing the fun-inspiring nature of the genre is difficult, and "ANXIOUS" is a standout track on Afraid of the Dark for achieving that balance. There is vulnerability in EZI's voice, and the echoing production highlights the relatable lyrics instead of smothering them. Closer to Billie Eilish than Halsey, but still somewhere in between, EZI's EP will likely appeal to both radio-listeners and more niche music followers. The first two tracks, "REDEMPTION" and "DaNcing in a RoOm" were released in late 2017 as dangerously addictive singles, and the visual for "DaNcing in a RoOm" deserves a mention for it's smile-inducing animation. Look out for the wide release of Afraid of the Dark tomorrow, January 12th.


  2. DaNcing in a RoOm
  3. anxious.
  4. SoBer With YoU

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