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Sara Daoud traverses into deep "Space & Time"

Up and coming musician Sara Daoud takes the listener into a whole new aural dimension on her new song "Space & Time." She effortlessly crafts a dreamy yet engulfing track with a catchy melody over producer JLL's ethereal soundscape. She brings her soul, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music influences into play on the song as we get to hear a bit of everything. Rapper OIA is also on hand to deliver his verse in his own unique style, telling the listener to "Aah yes deep breaths...Think less so your mind can refresh and all the bravery is just a reflex..."

The multi-talented Sara has been a choreographer, singer/songwriter, and musician since age eight, having practiced violin and piano, and participated in choirs, musical theatre, and dance teams. She also takes pride in her Afghan heritage, which heavily influences her ear for deep percussion and natural unbridled spontaneity.

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