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Malik Gita goes global with the banging single "Way Alright"

On the new single "Way Alright" brought to us by producer Malik Gita, we get to hear a fusion of sounds from the U. S. of A., South Africa, and Nigeria. Teaming up with producer ,DJ Nibblez who laces a slow groove banger for Magikel, Sojay, and Baby G to showcase their skills. The respective acts bring their unique individual styles over the sombre synth and head-bumping bass lines. With verses by Malik himself, Magikel, Baby G, and Sojay, who provides a Nigerian Pidgin-infused hook to tie things together. The chilled out jam essentially tells the listener to relax and keep the negative vibes far from the cypher as these guys are pretty much "Way Alright."

Malik Gita was born to the Kullid community of Eersterust in Pretoria, South Africa, and moved to Sacramento, California at the age of 13. It was in the States that Mailk's creative career began, with theatre and public access television. He later joined the United States Marine Corps after the September 11th (9/11) attacks, where he served his adopted country for six years in the armed forces on active duty, rounding up at the rank of Staff Sergeant. Although currently based in Pretoria, SA, Malik made use of his international connections as he completed his first ever South African independent international Mix Tape Kullidfornia LP (with preparations for national tour in the works), bridging the gap between South African hip-hop and the rest of the world.

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Hip-Hop · Rap · Southern Trap


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