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Stephen Carmona ponders 'Time's Intention'

Stephen Carmona and his new album 'Time's Intention' begs you to sit down, close your eyes and lose yourself in the music. 'Time's Intention' is music du jour, it is a time capsule that you do not know how you got in and you do not know how to get out. Stephen Carmona's offering is a drippy, sweeping, acid trip of an album that is an amalgamation of multiple genres and is a multi-faceted smattering of feelings and vibes. From a boom bap beat to a heavily affected guitar riff swaying in and out as you lose track of time. The overarching sense of emotion in 'Time's Intention' is the single most prominent feature of this album and Stephen Carmona deserves some major respect for stuffing it to the brim with ooey gooey vibes. Not to mention Stephen Carmona and 'Time's Intention' is jam packed with features from the Dallas creative scene such as -topic, Hevy Bens, and Donny Domino.

Connect with him here: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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