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Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor bake us some 'Laminated Cakes'

Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor baked us some 'Laminated Cakes' straight out of the High Focus Records oven for our listening pleasure and I bet you can't have just a single bite. 'Laminated Cakes' is aptly named, undeniably, because the origins of this album began in 2012 in Holloway, North London where Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor spent the summer eating wrapped confectionaries but have only just released. Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor have put together an album that captures the energy of that summer in 2012 which was, "inspired by the unhinged, non-stop and totally uncontrollable hedonism." I love Grime, I do, I really really do, but it is pleasant and refreshing to hear a British Hip-Hop record that spurns the mold and is something wholly unique. 

Connect with Jam Baxter here: Bandcamp | Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Official

and Ed Scissor here: Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | Official 

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