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Cheikh Benjamin Richard is anything but a ‘Fool’

Cheikh aka Foolie aka Benjamin Richard is a young, talented, and rising star in the rap game. I find it so necessary to spend time talking to, getting to know, and reaching out to artists that simply do not have the attention that they deserve. Cheikh or as his friends adoringly call him Foolie is one of these aforementioned artists.

For those that are in the unaware and soon to be interested category Benjamin Richard currently hails from the ATL but is originally from the south side of Chicago, specifically Marquette and Campbell, and shares the same alma mater as Michelle Obama (prophetic coincidence setting up a career destined for greatness?). Regardless, he is destined for a journey that will hopefully yield beautiful fruits for his labor. 

His EP 'Fool' is a ten track banger dripping with swagger and wordplay that weaves to and from mumble rap and crooning to overly thoughtful and creative freestyles. The EP is produced entirely by his co-owned production company Bando Beatz featuring fellow rappers and producers Ron Shaw and Cheeze aka ADV. Cheikh's 'Fool' is a joy from beginning to end that leaves you wanting more as the productions drip and list through your eardrums.

Much like how difficult it is to pinpoint who Lonzo Ball's comp is; is he Jason Kidd or is he more of an assist-heavy Draymond Green, Cheikh's style is a mixture of Chance the Rapper, Ab-Soul, and Danny Brown. Give this a listen and drop a comment, let me know if you feel anything because I am feeling this all the way into 2018.

Connect with Cheikh: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify



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