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Young producer Opae revamps Oh Wonder's "Without You"

Opae is a young Chi-town based producer who delivers a slightly upbeat version of Oh Wonder's "Without You". Making use of several elements from prog house, future bass and deep house, he builds a groovy drum around the vocals of  Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West without losing the original version's vibe. The overall result is a progressive like remix that moves from mellow to mid-tempo energies with an extra section where he plays around with the vocals layered a high pitched synth arrangement. 

He even gave us a brief insight into how the remix was crafted.

"The moment I heard Oh Wonder's "Without You," I knew I had to remix it and I recorded myself humming the drop melody. From there, I worked hard on keeping the remix simple, never distracting too much from Oh Wonder's beautiful vocals. .."

The 20-year-old producer from Chicago is hoping to make his mark on the music industry with baby steps. Still in school, he probably only has a limited amount of time to spend on music but he sure knows how to crank out a remix or two when the time comes.

Connect with Opae: Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram

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