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Ben Alessi grapples with isolation and desperation in new single "Oblivion"

Ben Alessi has been in love with sound design, arrangement, and music production since he was 13-years-old. He first broke onto the scene in Buffalo, New York, performing at acoustic clubs. This is where his sound was formed, taking the textures and structures of electronica and applying them to the blanketed and emotive acoustic instrumentation. In that breath, his latest single, "Oblivion," is a heart-crumbling epic with sumptuous piano work from his live bandmate, Mark Newton.

The track grapples with isolation and desperation. Alessi layers his vocal to create a dense soundscape for his lead vocal to skate around, with an impressively energetic delivery considering the deadening subject matter. The keys sprawl in time with Alessi's singing, an endless and winding feeling true to the track's title. Aside from being an architect of emotion on the single, Alessi also reveals himself to a brilliant writer, filling the second verse with vignettes of broken lives. "Oblivion" does not ask anything of listener, but instead takes them on a heart-wrenching journey guided by Alessi's powerful voice and weathered persona.

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