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Whethan and Opia serve up an indie-electronic dish with the sweetest "Aftertaste"

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of seeing Opia open for Whethan during the Atlanta stop of his Good Nights tour. I was one of the lucky few that showed up early enough to catch Opia in their indie-electronic rock element. By the time Whethan came on, the packed out venue was treated to his redo of Opia's "Falling," the first taste of their combined sound.  Fast forward to the present and Whethan did more than simply remix an Opia track for his final release of 2017. 

One has to think that at some point during the course of the tour Whethan convinced Opia to feature on his latest track, "Aftertaste." Lyrically, the track is about love gone askew, and the aftertaste that realizing "you'll never love me like I do right now" inevitably leaves. Musically Whethan and Opia combine forces to fantastic effect. The guitar wails over a grinding low frequency riff, a sonic depiction of love that leaves you "lying on the bedroom floor," while the piano comes on like the restless pulse of a heavy heart.  While it may be too soon to proclaim Opia and Whethan a classic pairing like cheese and crackers, I certainly hope they have more collaborations in store!

Releasing initially as "Wheathin," 18 year old Ethan Snoreck wisely sidestepped trademark issues and spun the wheat snack theme to a version that uses his birth name.  If you pay attention to the visuals at his show or visit the merch booth, you'll see he's all in on the wheaty theme.  Whethan's smash hit with Flux Pavilion and Max, "Savage," landed him on playlists the world over, and he's rocked some of the biggest festivals around like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and HARD. Having completed his US tour dates, he's ready to cross the pond with Louis The Child for a handful of European tour dates

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