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Vonne seeks full "Closure" in latest visuals [Video]

After dropping the self-assertive single "Down" a while ago, London Born R&B singer Vonne returns with a new set of visuals for her song "Closure".

This time around she opts for a more upbeat vibe which is pretty surprising for such a not so bright subject matter.  using a electro soulful soundscape and head nodding groove courtesy of producer Nutty P, she laments on the antics of a certain love interest with lyrics like "...Feels like you’ve been hiding from me the whole time. You've left me no signs I won't make you beg for it ..."

For the video, she teams up with Danny Wonders who directed the clip. The visuals are pretty interesting too as we see the subtle back and forth between her and the uncertain love interest while at a party. Everything seems honky dory but what lies between the two characters tell another story entirely. We won't spoil the ending here but make sure you watch it till the end to find out how things played out.

The audio is available for download and stream HERE

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