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Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler team up for "Flare Guns" video [Premiere]

Detroit native Quinn XCII has had a banner year.  After releasing a series of music videos and touring in support of his album The Story of Us, he's back with Chelsea Cutler to bring us a new video for one of the albums' more introspective cuts, "Flare Guns".

Directed by Blythe Thomas, the video shows the pair wandering separately through different forest landscapes.  Chelsea Cutler says of the video, "I had so much fun shooting the video for Flare Guns. It's obviously always a blast to work with Quinn and our director, Blythe, was incredible to work with too. She really vibed with the record and understood our vision, which I think really comes through in the video."

For anyone who hasn't heard The Story of Us, "Flare Guns" provides an excellent synopsis of what to expect from the rest of the album: it's a collection of stories centered around relationships about making the right decision, figuring out what makes you happy, and trying to see the bigger picture about things you find meaning in.  “Flare Guns” concentrates on the constant struggle someone has with the temptation of contacting someone they know they shouldn’t," Quinn XCII says of the song and video.  "We really wanted to avoid the expected storylines, and shooting in the middle of a forest in upstate New York really gave us a fresh variety of approaches to try.  Chelsea and I never make contact in the video and I think that’s the real essence of the song - a guilty desire that is never fully fulfilled.

The pair are about to embark on the second part of Quinn XCII's tour in support of The Story of Us. Tickets and more information can be found here.

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