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ANGRY BLACKMEN are out to incite a "Riot"

Chicago based rap duo ANGRY BLACKMEN were last featured on EARMILK when they released their debut single "OK!" back in March. Veteran MC's Quentin Branch and Brain Warren initially impressed us with their effortless wordplay and boisterous production, and continue to impress with each subsequent single.

Today EARMILK has been given the opportunity to present the latest release from the group, a politically charged anthem produced by Soulcraft entitled "RIOT!". It is an enraged response to toady's chaotic political climate, calling for an up-rise against police brutality and the unregulated exploitation due to capitalism. Listen to it above and be sure to be prepared for their debut in 2018.

Connect to ANGRY BLACKMEN: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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