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Andrew Applepie and Ed Prosek team up on "Don't Fuck This Up"

Electronic artist Andrew Applepie teamed up with singer-songwriter Ed Prosek for their latest collaboration titled "Don't Fuck This Up." Kicking off with smooth guitar licks, the song builds slowly on Ed's emotionally driven performance. The two elements transition into an epic and somewhat engulfing arrangement on the first hook and things get heavy from there on. The song is about the aftermath of a breakup and how the things you try to do to make it easier somehow makes it worse. Its better put on wax than actually experiencing it, so thanks to Ed we can listen from the comfort of our homes and learn from his predicament. 

German electronic artist Andrew Applepie and Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek are both upcoming independent international newcomers who have been putting in work individually, but now have come together to forge a new musical path. "Don’t Fuck This Up“ is the second single off Andrew's album Hanging Out, Playing Videogames, Writing Songs.

Connect with Andrew ApplepieSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Ed Prosek: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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