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Marcioz and Slow Shudder poignantly demonstrate "How to Fall in Love With a Machine"

A subtle mechanical hum of reassurance. A familiar glowing light holding steadfast. Breathing, beckoning, like the North Star. We the internet generation have found solace, escape, comfort, and release in computers for our entire cognizant lives - for better or worse. Enigmatic Brazilian artist Marcioz hits a tender note for all of us with "How to Fall in Love With a Machine," his newest offering on bitbird. Showcasing the extraordinarily haunting vocals of LA-based, U.K.-bred singer/producer Slow Shudder, "How to Fall in Love With a Machine" accesses a depth of emotion that is truly palpable. It's undoubtedly one of bitbird's most evocative releases to date. The wistfulness of Marcioz's production washes over you like an amber-tinted memory, Slow Shudder's vocals a quiet storm. The artist's inspiration came from a very real experience, and that earnestness seeps through. "At the time I had just broken up with my girlfriend and it completely fit the narrative that I have about people," explained Marcioz. "People come and go, but my computer always stays. So I think that’s how you get love to stay-- just fall in love with a machine."

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[…] previously featured U.K.-bred singer/producer Slow Shudder and her single "How to Fall in Love With a Machine," which […]