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Get abducted by Barclay Crenshaw's remix album 'Revisited'

Christmas must've come early,  but with aliens taking over for Santa this year. Barclay Crenshaw has dropped his extraterrestrial remix album upon us today, titled "Revisited,"  that glimpses into a realm of the unknown with experimental bass and hip-hop beats that'll take you straight into a black hole. With remixes from his debut album, as well as the new middle-eastern flute inspired bass track with Mad Zach titled "Hiroglifix," the album exudes the diversity of sound that is Barclay Crenshaw. Listen below. 

With remixes from artists like Eprom, Bleep Bloop, Salva, and Persian Empire, the album is stacked to the brim with mental beats, industrial grime, and a surprising touch of delicately melodic ambiance. The way the album is laid out, Barclay Crenshaw has highlighted his magisterial ability to explore a range of sounds not typically found together and marry them into this cinematic booty dropping masterpiece. For example, in the track with Persian Empire's remix of "Sleepy Kids," we get a piano-centric melancholic jazz track, and it can somehow perfectly sit next to a violently filthy bass track like Eprom's remix of "I'm Up Here." This remix album undoubtedly has a little taste for everyone.

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Bass · Electronic · grime


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