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RAC puts a new touch on LCAW's "Desires"

Time and time again, RAC has proven himself to be a multifaceted musician. The Portuguese artist has mastered a range of sounds from electronic to indie to disco, and a library of remixes so large we'd like to see it in a physical archive. Today, we have a first listen to his latest addition to that library - a remix of LCAW's "Desires." The original track was released just a month ago, and enlisted Danish electronic trio WhoMadeWho on the track.

The RAC remix of "Desires' will be released this Friday, December 15th, and showcases not only LCAW and RAC's affinity for initials, but for their roots in instrumental music. RAC's remix finds itself somewhere in the middle of all of this - moody, intriguing, slightly groovy - it's a track for all situations.

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Connect with RACSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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