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Phil Crown's "Pick Up the Phone" is an action-packed mini movie

Pop artist Phil Crown goes all the way in for the visuals of his new single "Pick Up the Phone." The groovy tune is a brilliant blend of pop, 80's elements and modern electronic sensibilities layered by Phil's solid vocal performance. "Pick Up the Phone" is the first track off his debut album, which is a release in collaboration with Machat Records in association with Hippos and Tanks. 
The stunning visual was shot by the talented Damien Sandoval. Traveling across the world and using Japan as his canvas, Phil created a thrilling cinematic short story for his new single that will keep you watching till the very end. We won't place spoilers here, so hit the play button and enjoy the ride.
Phil Crown on making "Pick Up the Phone":

“I loved shooting in Japan and most of this video was shot guerrilla style. Many of the guys in the video are real Yakuza members and the car I was driving in the video was actually owned by a Yakuza boss." 

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