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Queen Alaska is a powerful female doing it all on latest single "When You Smile When You Die"

It's safe to say women are in the spotlight right now and a feminist movement is heading more and more for the mainstream. So when I come across more empowered and talented females it's hard not to take notice. Anneli Bentler, professionally known as Queen Alaska, is a talented electronic producer, composer, and vocalist. Her latest single "When You Smile When You Die" is out now and it's a strong demonstration of her multifaceted talents. Anneli is also a skilled audiovisual artist and has produced her own eclectic video featuring a very DIY aesthetic, with personal video footage of Anneli’s childhood interspersed with space footage from the NASA archives. 

When You Smile When You Die" is a song about the diversity of deep, essential, human relationships. Supposed contrasts like strength to vulnerability and dreamscapes to reality seem to lie close together in deep connections. The nearest people around can be salvation and burden at once - they awaken the most fulfilling but also scariest feelings inside. Obviously, it is because they matter. All these memories and feelings connected to them - that is what will last in the end. It moves us, it is the beat of our life. With this song, I wanted to face and honour the beauty of these rich and diverse relationships,” shares Anneli. 

"When You Smile When You Die" comes ahead of second EP Interlude othe Inner Voice II/II. Watch it above. 

Connect with Queen Alaska: Soundcloud | Facebook 



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