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Honey Dijon recharges Sylvester’s disco classic ‘Stars’ for "We're Open" campaign

“Nightlife is a place where everyone should feel welcomed for who they are - no matter what their gender identity is. SMIRNOFF brand's purpose is to move the world to be more inclusive. With this new film, we aim to support and give voice to the non-binary community, push the cultural conversation around gender equality and representation forward, and use our influence in nightlife culture to drive positive change in the communities it represents.” - Anita Robinson, European Category Director at Diageo.

The newest chapter in the “We’re Open” intitiative by Smirnoff is bringing together non-binary artists and performers – including DJ and producer Honey Dijon, Paris Ballroom selector Kiddy Smile, the british transgender model and dancer Lucy Fizz to name but a few, with one goal in mind. The idea behind the “We’re Open” campaign is to spark conversation and create positive change in the nightlife culture as we know it, with the hope of leading to an open minded and more socially inclusive space. Somewhere lovers and dancers from all walks of life can embrace their true selves – a concept which on the whole prevails when teamed with creativity.

The Advert for the “We’re Open” campaign is currently floating around the world of TV and Social Media, soundtrack by none other than a Disco rework from genre crossing hero Honey Dijon with vocals by singer-songwriter Sam Sparro. Sylvester’s 1979 track ‘Stars’ is the hit in question, which is no surprise, considering his flamboyant style crowned him as the original “Queen of Disco”. In addition to the version on the Ad, there’s also a Cosmic Energy Dub which is available for download here and will be followed by a vinyl release in 2018. All sales will go to LGBTQ+ charities, including LGBT Foundation in the UK.

"A few weeks ago while I was on vacation in Bali, I received a call on the first day saying that Smirnoff were interested in presenting me in a campaign regarding diversity. At first I was hesitant, because advertising feels lately like it is trying to cash in on the visibility and adversity of transfolk in order to appear cool, relevant or inclusive to make a buck. However, part of the agreement of me participating in this is that Smirnoff make a significant contribution to a charity supporting trans rights. Hats off to Smirnoff for not only putting its money where its mouth is, but being genuinely interested in the awareness and importance of diversity. For the ad’s soundtrack, I recreated the iconic song ‘Stars' by Sylvester feat Sam Sparro and this “Cosmic Energy Dub” is one for the DJs who continue to make nightlife such an inclusive space. Stay tuned for a full vinyl release on Classic - Luke Solomon and I are working on a very special collector’s edition." - HONEY DIJON

Connect with Honey Dijon: Facebook | Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Smirnoff: Website

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