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Drew Noir showcases a more conceptual side in "Addicted"

Young up-and-coming rapper Drew Noir impresses on his new single titled "Addicted". The concept track shows the young rapper from the viewpoint of an addictive drug (you are free to use any of your choice here). While the concept is not entirely novel, we do have to give props for the way Drew approached it. Employing a sped up soulful instrumental, he immediately gets to work with an in your face delivery and smooth vocal tone. Check it out below:

Drew Noir elaborates how he infects the listener"...Infecting you is really simple to me, I get inside and I know your body down to a T. I go into your blood stream and spread around like Febreeze and can't nobody else satisfy you better than me..." and also proceeds to depict the addict's behaviour like "...The composition got you itching and scratching like damn,  You feening for it, you be breaking your back like damn, Like dropping ass when you be dropping this track like damn,  You tweaking and I'm feeding off your reaction like damn...".

Lyrically he keeps it vivid sans any subtleness but well arranged and executed for someone who just recorded his first song in April of this year. "Addicted" is actually his sophomore single and he is currently working on building out the rest of his catalog and we can't wait. 

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