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Get acquainted with electro pop singer Dan Miz on his debut EP "Dive Vol. 1"

It started snowing, heavily, for the first time on Saturday in Massachusetts and it's really put me in the mood for some pop tunes for the perfect comfort food listening experience. 

I got sent this Dan Miz EP that came out on Friday and it's definitely worth a listen. Within the past eight years, Dan has made six albums but decided to keep them because the timing didn't feel right. With "Dive Vol. 1", Dan is finally making his debut in the pop world. 

"Dive Vol. 1" carries sounds and influences from various parts of the pop music spectrum, yet is able to pull it off without seeming corny. The vocal chops on "Pulling Me" seem a natural addition to the track rather than a forced element to keep the song relevant sonically to the current pop world. "Circles" is cool because, similar to its name, the production and lyrical refrains contain a swing that contributes to the cyclical themes of the track. "Best Friend" is a dance-ready pop tune to get people moving, and the lyrics aren't just some simple love mumble jumble. I personally think "Deserve" is a bit too contemplative and simple for my taste but it provides a good balance in sound to the other tracks. 

"Dive Vol. 1" is the first installment in Dan's 2 Dive EP projects. The second one will be released in January, so make sure to keep a watch for it if you were a fan of this first EP. 

Connect with Dan Miz: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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