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Late To The Party's new single is funky and "Intoxicating"

Melbourne based producer Late To The Party (or LTTP for short) shares with us his latest tune titled "Intoxicating". Sampling groovy throwback records, the producer fuses together offbeat vintage soundscapes with modern electronic beats. It's an electro-swing style track similar to artists like Parov Stellar but LTTP keeps the trumpet chorus a little more subtle on this one making the track less big room sounding and just really smooth and sexy. While the aim of the song is to keep the party energy steady it also comes equipped with a vintage 50's style movie narration about the chemical composition of alcohol. This is what we call a prime example of edutainment.

 'The Makings of a Good Party’ is LTTP's debut album and "Intoxicating" is one of the singles off it. The album features exclusively sampled sounds from music across all genres with all the vintage advice you need to have a successful party. The album features exclusively sampled sounds from music across all genres, at some point even a Caribbean synth sound emerges. It's one helluva party! 

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