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Skrizzly Adams debutes standout project entitled 'Atlantic City'

Skrizzly Adams has been a cult favorite for some time now. Hailing from the heart of New Jersey, his influences - including hometown hero Bruce Springsteen - have given him a vibe that has attracted a committed following across the country. Skrizzly is a unique individual; one that engages heavily with those who support his music, so much so that he travels to towns upon invite to play in their backyards, at their block parties, in their neighborhoods. It's a soulful, connective approach.

Atlantic City draws a lot of reference from the roots of his state; an earthy, pain-filled composition with urban undertones. "Drive Away" and "Intervention" are standouts and should both be strong contenders for favorable sync placements.

In his own words, Skrizzly describes the project saying "'Atlantic City' is my first body of work in three years. It's a concept project that runs start to finish and I couldn't be more excited about it! I wrote it initially as one long 12-minute song and eventually turned it into an EP. It's meant to be listened to at full blast while flying down the highway. The project tells the story from the point of view of a young man who runs away to Atlantic City for a night with his girlfriend. They lock themselves in a motel room for a night to escape reality."

Check out the project above and purchase it here.

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