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Hey Gigantic define their identity on "Passenger"

Hey Gigantic began as a true passion project in South London, with the members going to university together and dreaming up the band between jam sessions. The four-piece band take a note from near-every genre to help develop this alternative rock, punk identity. They've got an immediately inviting sound as a byproduct of their being close friends first and bandmates second. Between the hard aesthetics that bring to the table, you can hear their chemistry in the arrangement of their latest single "Passenger."

"Passenger" is driven by a hitting rhythm and an enthused guitar. The vocals are meditative, slowly giving themselves over to emotional surrender in line with the melodic breakdown. Hey Gigantic are smart in their music, letting the writing and the instrumentation do the work of summoning emotion. The track is more so a series of breadcrumbs for us to collect and indulge in as "Passenger" comes to a head, rather than an unexplained tidal of feeling. Loud, energetic, but the farthest thing from obtuse, "Passenger" is a strong introduction to the next and liveliest chapter of their career.

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