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Laurent John picks up the "Fragments" [Premiere]

East London based singer-songwriter Laurent John's latest venture is a bone-chilling R&B cut titled "Fragments". The emotionally heavy single showcases high levels of confidence and vocal authority by the singer whose sole aim is to encapsulate the listener with his unique brand of profound soul music pieces. Production wise, he and his team are not particularly bent on breaking new ground and prefers that the song stand on firm ground instead with the dark grand pianos, mellow drums and multi-layered harmonies that shows the progressive nature of the overall track. Dynamism is key for Laurent as his music is sparse enough to create a sense of fullness, giving his soulful vocals its own character, on which they sit atop floaty, uplifting beat work and synthesis. In this, we can hear subtle overtones of the musical influence of Otis Redding, Ray Charles, and Luther Vandross.

The UK based by way of Antigua and Barbuda, singer describes his music as a vessel where listeners can be transported from their worries and plunged into the depths of soulful and sensual rhythms and melodies. It may sound grandiose on paper but after you hit the play button, all doubts will be cast aside before long.  "Fragments" can also be streamed via Soundcloud HERE

Connect with Laurent John: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Acoustic · Alternative · Blues · Main Stage · R&B


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