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Mura Masa's take on HAIM's "Walking Away" is pure electronic magic

This isn't the first time sisterly pop rock trio HAIM's music has done itself a favor and ventured into the world of electronic music. They've worked with artists like Calvin Harris in the past, and today, it's indie UK beatmaker Mura Masa that's in the spotlight, remixing their latest track "Walking Away." And the same can be said for Mura Masa, whose brand of electronica can be most noted by its consistent nod to both hip hop and indie music. 

The original version of "Walking Away" had a upbeat pop tempo to it, but Mura Masa has added some components that once we heard them, couldn't imagine the track without. 8-bit inspired arpeggios, and a simple upgrade to the track's original beat make this one irresistible. Check it out now as it's out via Haim Productions / Columbia Records.





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