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Jesse Medina and Kool Keith are out "Chasin Franklin" [Video Premiere]

Jesse Medina's single "Chasin’ Franklin." finally gets the visual treatment and we are pleased to share it with the rest of you guys out there. The song which came out a while back in September is an offbeat, unorthodox banger that had Jesse team up with living legend Kool Keith while producer  Mr. Aeks handles the knobs behind the boards.

The visuals stay true to the eccentric, R rated and unpredictable lyrical schemes laid out by the duo as director Matt Posada (of Film Block Productions) goes for the kill with psychedelic aesthetics, atmospheric scenery and some mild form of nudity to complete the cypher. This is not for the prudish at heart or the straight arrows out there so it's strictly for those that have been bumping the single and are familiar with both Jesse Medina and Kool Keith's brand of left field hiphop.

 "Chasin’ Franklin." is off jesse Medina's  forthcoming compilation LP, ‘Thiswaywestward.’ The track is also accompanied with the release of a comic book that details Jesse’s adventures with the eccentric Dr. Octagon. The comic is available at select comic book retailers in the LA and the Bay Area, and can be purchased directed via Soft Comics online, and requesting a copy. You can buy/stream "Chasin' Franklin" HERE.

Connect with Jesse Medina  :  Facebook | Twitter

Connect with  Kool Keith :  Twitter | Instagram

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