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Carter Ace gets introspective in latest track "If It Don't Work"

Rising indie act Carter Ace grabs the proverbial bull by the horns on his new single "If It Don't Work". The young artist reflects on his own personal insecurities by being realistic with the situation at hand. What if the plan doesn't work out the way it was planned? Would you continue to endure the suffering until you somehow obtain what you believe you were looking for? These are the pertinent things Carter asks. 

Musically Carter keeps it mellow and smooth with the soundscape provided by Oneil Noah. The jazz/soul undertones are more in the summery, bright arena compared to the profound, soul-searching lyrics.  With an assemble of instrumentalists that include bassist Daniel Durant, guitarist , Fahem Erfan ,alongside  saxophone player, Steven Griggs who all lend their specific talents to make "If It Don't Work" a solid effort. The single can be streamed on iTunes & Spotify.

Connect with  Carter Ace: Soundcloud |  Twitter | Tumblr



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