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Stello's retrofitted "So In Love" is highly recommended

New York band Stello is the passion project of songwriter/singer Kit Conway. Their brand of alternative psych rock is far from the ordinary and it almost feels like you just broke out your dad's old 45.  Their latest produce is a stellar love laden song titled "So In Love" spearheaded by Kit himself who says his band makes music for night crawlers at the diner and late-night walks in the city.

"So In Love" is masterfully crafted with deep guitar plucks and a throbbing bass line that tugs at the soul. The entire production taps into an era that is almost forgotten and merges it with new age sensibilities. Building with a relatively slow progression, layered instrumentation that ends with an explosive switch up at the tail end, Stello shows us that great musicianship is far from dead. In the coming months, Stello will be releasing a series of three-song triplets. The first, Apollo, was released on December 1, 2017.


Connect with  Stello : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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