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Amy Guess on new release "Wicked Memory" and spontaneous outbursts [Q&A]

With moody release "Wicked Memory" premiering exclusively on our site today, dark pop singer Amy Guess shared her thoughts on the new release and the spontaneous outbursts that go along with it. Song link to purchase here

EM: What's the inspiration behind "Wicked Memory?" 
AG: We come in and out of each other's lives, we leave marks. Sometimes people don't leave the best memories behind, those can be rough. When they decide to flash in your mind it can be a painful thing, and it can make you feel a little crazy that those things have the power to haunt you in that way. It's about someone leaving bad memories behind for you, but it's also about knowing you may have done the same for them because when we come into each other's lives we leave a piece of ourselves. 
EM: What are your hopes for this release?
AG: I hope it brings on some spontaneous outbursts of aggressive dancing in living rooms. 
EM: Do you have a favorite memory from touring this year?
AG: I do, kind of a weird one but we actually had a bit of an odd and crazy night at our last show, at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. We had just arrived for soundcheck and when we went inside we found out there was a small electrical fire behind the stage area in the women's restroom wall, luckily a couple of the other artists went to the restroom to get ready for the show and noticed it before it had gotten too out of hand. Firemen arrived on the scene within minutes to get things handled and swiftly got it under control. It had killed all the power to the stage but the awesome staff there at the Hotel Utah were brilliant and improvised running extension cords from the bar to the stage without missing a beat. We were all able to play our set as planned and had a really great night together with an awesome group of people. 
EM: What would you like to see in the new year in the US music scene?
AG: I hope to hear some new flavors. There are so many brilliant artists out there right now paving new roads, pushing the envelope, cutting edge. It's inspiring. I'm always on the hunt for new sounds and people getting crafty, taking chances and creating things that are bold and unique. Grabs me again and again. I'd like to hear a big variety, all kinds of different artists out there doing their thing.

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