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Robin and the Modest have us flying in the stratosphere with "Little Bird"

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Robin and the Modest is the post-rock passion project of musician Tobi Vogel. Vogel has composed music for some of the most famous adverts for Porsche, Coke, Microsoft, and others. Sidestepping the world of commercial composition, he brought together Carl Michael Grabinger (Drums), Maria Grigoryeva (Violin), Johannes Bert (add. Guitars), Tim Köhler (Sax), Gregor Diekmann (Piano), Jörn Schwarzburger (Drums on Koralle), and Birte Königshoff (Vox) to form a full-bodied instrumental band.

"Little Bird" is the explorative standout track off of their latest album, Eftychia. True to its name, the song takes you high above the mountains, giving you the sense that you're flying above snowy peaks and residing in the stratosphere, pulled taut by the violins. Where a lot of instrumental bands live and die by their lust for the cinematic, Robin and the Modest balance the grandiosity of their strings with contemplative and grounding motifs. The bird lands, so to say, so we can take a pause to reflect on the world building being done by the guitars and the percussion. The track is focused on a narrative, dynamic movement, and building into the next motif, as opposed to merely resting on crescendos to capture an emotion. As "Little Bird" cycles through crests and valleys, the track gives us the gift of flight.

Connect with Robin and the Modest: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Instagram

Instrumental · Post-Rock


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