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You will be "Fallen" in love with this new Chris James and On Planets release

Have you heard of Majestic Casual? You read EARMILK so I assume you have but for those that have not Majestic Casual was / is a channel on YouTube that has been a bastion of Future music and up n coming music in the digital age for several years now, since 2011. MC, "showcases new electronic music, namely deep house, experimental, hip-hop, indie and pop genres" and is self proclaimed as a, "one of the first audiovisual music blogs on YouTube."

That being said Majestic Casual has grown and diversified from just being a YouTube channel and releases music under their own moniker and namesake Majestic Casual Records. Today we bring to you a new release from the imprint by Chris James and On Planets titled "Fallen". This song is an electronic ode to young love and that moment you know you have "Fallen" in love.

Chris James himself said that, ""When writing " Fallen", I wanted to talk about what its like when you fall for someone & forget everything else. The song is a story about the haze of infatuation." So take a break this holiday, put this on and think about someone you love, someone you care about, someone you miss, someone you have, someone you wish had, get lost and think "about how your world gets better" and that "you'll love them as long as you can." Life is beautiful everybody and this song proves it. 

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Chillwave · Future Beat


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