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Hundreds reimagine favorites and a contemporary classic on "Wilderness (Akustik Edition)"

German Indie pop duo Hundreds has seen a steady rise in popularity over the years and, with their release of last year's album Wilderness, saw growing support worldwide.  Last month, house producer Mano Le Tough dropped a remix of their song "Un-Unify" and the group has now followed up that release with Wilderness (Akustik Edition), an acoustic reimagining of four of the album's songs and a cover of Bon Iver's classic "Flume".

Where Wilderness took listeners across a sonic landscape of bass, synth layers, and a variety of sound that comes at you from all sides, Wilderness (Akustik Edition) takes a step back from their established sound and strips it all away.  Vocals, a variety of keys, and guitars do the heavy lifting here, forcing you to see a different perspective on what a song can be.  For example: with "Spotless", the piano and other ambient sounds add nuance to the already emotional lyrics, making you want to flip back and forth between the acoustic and original versions to see the difference in how you feel.

Whether you're familiar with Hundreds or new to them, Wilderness (Akustik Edition) is necessary listening.  At only 19 minutes long, you'll wish there was more to it.  Lucky for you, they have a hefty discography to flip through and discover more favorites.

Wilderness (Akustik Edition) is available now. Listen to it here.

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