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Johnny Frank's "Jenny" is a delectable bundle of surprises

Johnny Frank, Connecticut-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, has shared with us his exciting new single and visuals for "Jenny." Since re-discovering his passion for music, Frank has been working on his self-produced solo album titled JohnnyFrankLives. Pulling the quintessential artist's double life as both a chemical plant worker, and a musician; Franks has been quietly creating successful new sounds and stories, whilst getting himself through work's long hours.

In describing his previous release "Throwaway", Frank mentioned the negative aspects of party culture. Particularly how engrained it is in our society, and how difficult it is to detach yourself from it. However, exclusive to EARMILK release "Jenny" is about a very different topic; unrequited love. "Jenny" also expresses the inventiveness and resolve necessary when dealing with the isolating, demanding, and competitive nature of being a musician. 

Both the song (which Frank also self-mixed and mastered) and video almost immediately subvert expectations by playing with genre and structure. There is no verse-chorus path taken here, and Frank's arrangement of naturalistic and electronic sounds is very satisfying to the ear. The punchy beat, contagious guitar riff, and sculpted vocal effects are particularly delicious. The video, co-directed by Frank and Mike Curry, similar to "Throwaway", expertly tells its own unique story:

"The video is about a despondent man who reaches a breaking point in an unpassionate relationship. It’s implied that the groom is reluctant to give up his passions and independence for a life of normalcy and for someone he does not care for. [It] starts as a somber and serious story of unwilling sacrifice but quickly devolves into a tongue in cheek psychotic revenge plot. I like the idea of having a message in a music video but not taking it or yourself too seriously in the process. It’s a nice dichotomy." - Johnny Frank

Stay tuned for the release of JohnnyFrankLives in the near future.

Connect with Johnny Frank: SoundCloud | BandcampFacebook | Instagram | Twitter


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