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Cella debut single "In My Head" sets the tone for his upcoming EP

Swiss producer Cella gives us the first look of what he has to offer with the release of his lead single "In My Head". The single is actually the fifth track on his upcoming 'Prologue' EP is a short excursion into his eclectic production techniques. As a producer/DJ he has released some singles in the past but his recent signing with Quartz Records lead to the creation of his debut EP 'The Prologue' which will be out on the 24th of this month

The forward thinking producer delivers some interesting groovy vibes on this tune. His layered production style is melody laden with bleeps, manipulated vocal samples that wail smooth harmonies over staggered drum patterns. I must say his strong forte in melody creation and composition is noteworthy. The Zurich native says there’s much more to his process than these elements alone, though. He incorporates organic samples into his sound synthesis procedure from the beginning, and derives much of his melancholic songwriting style from discordant jazz chord progressions.

Connect with Cella  : Soundcloud | FacebookInstagram

Electronic · House


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