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HAVYN hits a new high with "Magenta"

Up and coming singer HAVYN delivers her debut Magenta with gusto. The somber, somewhat reflective title track showcases not only her enthralling vocal style, but eclectic song writing as well. She sings "...I write about what I've seen and conquered in this life so far/ Versions of the truth..." over a nostalgia-inducing backdrop that brings her stories to life.

Striving to be as "hands-on" as possible, HAVYN also co-produced the song with her partner Shaquille Headley, while some additional production elements were added by AstroLogical

HAVYN's debut EP Magenta offers a short glimpse of what's to come from this new artist, and takes the listener on a haunting journey of finding authenticity and spirituality through music.

Stream Magenta here.

Connect with HAVYN: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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