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Medasin lifts Joji's melancholy ode "Will He" with signature synthy buoyancy

Hailing from Dallas, 20-year-old Medasin has swiftly established himself as a beatmaker to watch, and to emulate. His Splice sample packs top the charts, and his newest remix of "Will He" by Joji received a live-streamed stamp of approval from none other than deadmau5. What an experience it must be to watch the mau5 play, compliment, and bookmark your music from his home studio. The truth is this prodigy deserves the acclaim and then some. The latest track to receive a hit of Medasin's vibey, iced out signature is the minimal R&B tear-jerker "Will He" by You-Tube star turned producer Joji. The O.G. is a decidedly forlorn cut, but Medasin gives it an infusion of cheerfulness with lush synths and a peppy bass line. With a finite understanding of sound design and musicality far beyond his peers, Medasin is a burgeoning talent with a luminous future awaiting him.

Photo by Maggie Koo / @thevialactea

Connect with Medasin: Facebook | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

Downtempo · Electronic


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