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Pomona Dream fuse summertime jazz and indie vibes in latest track “Easy Raider”

About three months ago, Swedish duo, Pomona Dream, were delighting our eyes and our ears with their dreamy and retro music video for “Tropicana". The pair is now following up on their summer jam with a new tune called “Easy Raider”. Tagged as "groove" on Soundcloud, this jazzy, sax-heavy tune is equal parts indie/retro funk, and all parts fun. Pomona Dream is made up of singer & composer Sandra Bang and producer Ribbs, and who are both doing it all with a DIY ethos. Their lo-fi visual aesthetics and homemade sounds are catching our attention, wonder what they'll cook up next for 2018. 
"Easy Raider” is out now via Mango Disco Records, give it a listen above.
Connect with Pomona Dream: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


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