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Shona Crossan debuts with soulful new track "Face It All"

U.K singer Shona Crossan combines the genres of jazz and pop with her unique vocal authority that totally takes us back to the golden era of music. Her latest release is the title track of her upcoming EP titled "Face It All" and is her debut release. The single is a thrilling, soulful number that displays her near-perfect pitch, malleable vocal range and of course her emotion-driven writing that taps into the human psyche and then some.

"Face It All" shows us what to expect from Shona's warm, soulful vocals, intimate harmonies laced with a slow RnB lilt.  To celebrate the launch of this debut EP, Shona will be performing at Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds on 17th December, with support from Fran Bundey, Nii and Cat Una.

Connect with Shona Crossan: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

R&B · Soul


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