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Focus The Truth spits about his "Life Story"

Coming out of Queens, New York, Focus The Truth has been building a strong underground buzz with numerous tapes and his last banging project, Q85. The truth he's focusing on? Bring his all to the mic; that's all heart, all bars, and all passion in the delivery. Kicking things off with the warm crackle of a sample, "Life Story" is true to name. Truth spits about his childhood, raised by two immigrant parents and taught the ins and outs of city life from a young age. His flow is a focused heat, landing in the spaces of the percussion and backing vocals. Focus The Truth will never treat a mic wrong, each lyric delivered with a punchy energy even at his most despondent.

The visuals capture the glee of community while taking us on a tour of Truth's oldest stomping grounds. We get a picture of his highest highs and lowest lows, from being cheated on to sold out venues. As he gears up to release his upcoming album, Love Will Get You Killed, it's a good a time as any to get acquainted with the gritty details of Focus The Truth's life.

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